Sunday, July 9, 2017


We all know how pregnant women get their minds on a certain food and just MUST have it.  Lauren called me at the sawmill today while I was on an "alternate" work assignment asking that I pick up some homegrown 'maters from a stand on the way home.  No problem.  There are two that I pass every day on 51.  Only they were closed.  My work peeps had a couple cut up for sandwiches at lunch and Kay told me there were a few slices left.  We went looking for them and found an empty plate all washed up and in the dish drainer!  It's not just pregnant women that love those things.  I don't like them, but for folks who do they're like crack.  

I pulled my first crookneck squash today and turned on the redneck waterhose sprinkler because it's H.O.T.  I actually felt sorry for that crew out there on 412 laying tar yesterday so that my ride to and from Jackson is less bumpy.  If Madison county would get with it, we'd be in good shape.  

I watched in awe today as the team of which I am part did their jobs.  If any one of us failed to try our best in any given situation somebody's life is at stake.  We have our share of the elderly and I must say that the little old man I met today was a delight.  Reminded me of my daddy only nicer.  

Rachel Townsend and I began a conversation a couple of years ago about something totally related to what she published today in the State Gazette.  I have two copies and it's all over the interwebs.  She carefully crafted the story of our community and asked for details when she needed them.  I didn't have them all but knew people who did.  It was amazing that during the time she was working on the story we met others who were a piece of the puzzle like Mary and Martha and Hub's friends with the ashes.  

Circle of life ~

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