Wednesday, July 5, 2017

happy shit

I don't know about y'all but I'm ready to concentrate on the upside of life.  The way I figure it I have about 20 years left of a decent quality of life.  After that it's to the nursing home for me.  I'm hoping that all the kindness I spread around over those 40 years will come back to me at the end.  I am tied to a job with a corportion that is traded on Wall Street.  Most of them are that way, truth be told.

I saw not one but TWO deer waiting for me when I left the house this morning, right before I got to the dairy barn.  I remember seeing some of them both times I drove to the hospital to tend to my dead parents and that brought me comfort in an odd sort of way.  It was a long day at the sawmill and it's raining like a monsoon again.  

So, back to the happy shit.  Lauren has a couple of baby showers coming up one of which is at Nanny's house on August 5th.  It's like 5000 square feet and to die for beautiful.  Heather and Joe got married there and I scattered rose petals along their walkway.  There was live post nuptial entertainment provided by none other than Chris Moody and his mobile DJ setup.  Photo booth and everything.  Many kegs and I left early. She and Joe are now the proud parents of AJ who is several months old and cute as hell.  Both of them are back to work and trying to get the routine down of work plus work plus baby.  That's a tough one for two, much less one.  

My friend Rachel, the ultimate storyteller will be publishing a piece soon about the history of our farm.  There's a whole 'nother story up in there about how we came to be friends.

Be faithful ~


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