Sunday, July 16, 2017

bucket list dilemma

I've seen James Taylor numerous times and actually gave away a couple of tickets one time to a father son duo.  The last ones I bought were purchased from me by Leigh and Pete.  I dream big but rarely come through. friends Beth and John have FOUR tickets to the FedEx show featuring JT and Bonnie Raitt whom I've never seen in person.  Both are my heroes.  Here's the rub, though.  Number one is that I have no reliable transportation. Number two is it's the same day as Lauren's shower.  Now grant you the shower is at 2 and the concert at 7:30.  Once I turned down a free ticket to see what was my final chance to see The Eagles live in St. Louis.  I had to work the next day.  Tommy took his sister instead and they loved it.

I'm not big on crowds anymore.  They make me nervous and it's hard to get around all those bodies to the potty when you pee as much as I do.  Getting old is not for sissies.  I know now for sure why glucosamine chondroitin was a constant fixture in my parents' house.  

My friend BJ has been a diabetic for 27 years.  I remember when she was diagnosed because she got REALLLY skinny what with all that burning of the body mass.  She's gone from shots to pumps and usually does well but has been fighting with our insurance company about the type of insulin they will cover.  According to them she can only have brand X when it has caused her to have seizures.  Something sent her into an episode the other day and I've never heard her sound like that before.  Scared the shit out of me.  She had used an extra 14 units to get the sugar down and then was out.  Any one of us would have clocked out to go pick it up but she wasn't thinking straight. So there she goes to the drug store all ass kicked and everything to pick up what keeps her alive.  I talked with her yesterday and she's much better.  Y'all..i was skeered to death for her.  

I've gotten some rest this weekend but not been too lazy.  I don't consider computer time wasted because I enjoy it.  My prayer is that my talents will make some money via the innerwebs unless the FCC shuts us down.  Time will tell.  I never thought I'd say high five to Ted Cruz but damn if he didn't throw out a mighty fine amendment to the GOP healthcare bill.  Right now there is a pissing match going on over Medicaid and poor McCain is having surgery so it is what it has been.  With Medicaid expansion states would be more able to serve the uninsured which are the cause of high costs....well partly.  That's where the HCA failed.  It's a good plan but mandating that you enroll is like telling a 2 year old no when he asks for a candy bar.  It should be a choice, and an attractive one with reasonable deductibles and co-pays.  

Y'all stay cool.  Looks like another scorcher.

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