Thursday, July 6, 2017


I've been out and about today visiting with friends at their workplaces. One idea led to another and a vision became clear in my little not so blonde head that I have a calling, so to speak. There are several minds working on the project so I feel sure it will happen.  Big Ernie did not intend for me to be stressed out.  
There's still more laundry and I'm procrastinating as usual. The air is so juicy we could have multiple thunderstorms at a moment's notice.  Typical July in Tennessee.  My squash has gone wild and the cucumbers too.  Maters?  Not so much.  They're not even really blooming.  Everything else is just giving up the ghost except for the nasturtiums in a pot by the porch.  My neighbors brought me food by four wheeler again on the 4th which is always a treat.  The kids were loving being free and wild on a short leash.  That's the way childhood should be.  Rachel is putting the finishing touches on the Samaria Bend piece and it's an excellent read.  She also has a gallery of pictures from our visit that day.  

As for me and my life?  Something has gotta'give ^j^

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