Sunday, July 2, 2017

a day off without pay

I am still munching on the asian salad from Bus Stop Cafe with a side of brisket.  That shit is to die for.  My friend and I visited several places in Dyersburg today and found it to be quite hot.  She helped me get the stove back together and got her car fixed.  All is well with the world at the moment.  We bought squash corn and soap before I ran out of money.  She told me that to be a USDA certified market that accepts EBT cards you have to have a special machne and evidently ours doesn't have one thus you pay cash.  I don't know about y'all but I'd much rather have my tax dollars going toward fresh food rather than sugary soft drinks.  Just saying.

Ryan showed up while we were killing time to do the yard so we listened to the mowers and weedeaters hum for an hour or two, checking our phones in silence and just "being,"  While we were eating lunch I got a call that the phone said was Ryan.  Okay then  he's working on the yard so I expected to hear his voice when I answered.  "Is your back door open, I've got you some eggs from the girls".  Um.  Yep, only it didn't sound like Ryan at all though I knew the voice.  It took me until today to figure out what I had done.  Patrick wanted Ryan's number to hire him for mowing and when I sent the number it MERGED their numbers in my phone   Yeah I's my sign.  I will soon get the neighbor back in his proper area code.  

I slept for 14 hours and had to make myself get up shoppng.  Before I went I visited Gigi and found her well.  We went through all her meds and Googled them and talked about how fortunate she is to be alive.  It takes a village you know.

Several friends of mine went to a family reunion yesterday and had a ball doing what folks do when they get together for the 4th.  Last night one of that family died suddenly leaving them all in shock this morning.   Prayers all around for that tribe.  Amy has lost a lot of folks lately just like I did.  It takes a toll on your spirit.  

Live love and laugh as if each day were your last.  It just might be.


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