Friday, July 7, 2017

bless our hearts

I could tell you all about how life isn't fair and rant but I won't because it wears me out.  Meanwhile all the angry folks run around plotting revenge.  WTF ever.  I just want to do my job and come home to sleep with the itchy dogs.  When I get a raise I'm gonna' take them to the vet and we'll all sleep better.  

I've got sawmill duty this weekend because life isn't fair it's my turn.  Y'all don't come to the ER please.  We need to do some strategic planning.  Being in limbo like we are is sort of scary.  I'm making the most of it by exploring other opportunities.  

So anyways, y'all enjoy the weekend and think about us up there saving lives and doing good while y'all are hunting and fishing and swimming.  I actually got my first hug from Robert Chapman today on his last at the job.  I missed his party because I was off.  We exchanged phone numbers and he explained he does better with text.  I can relate.  

Relax ~ 

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