Monday, July 17, 2017

out of nowhere

Today is my daddy's 85th birthday.  He celebrated his last one less than a month before he died, at a nursing home with a wound vac.  He was a very sick man for quite some time only we didn't know it.  It wasn't until a hernia got captured and sent him to the ER that we found that his FIRST hernia repair had become infected 30 years later.  The mesh was rolled up like a cigarette and poked a hole in his colon when it was removed along with a huge base of infection that had been percolating for a long time.  That explained the back pain which we assumed was arthritis.  My facebook memory today was a picture of him and his favorite border collie Rip.  I think that's what made me tune up.  

We were as busy as cats in a litter box at the sawmill.  Still transitioning to the new normal, every day presents an opportunity to learn something new, like it or not.  As if by angel messenger, BG called right about the time I began to sob at the bench.  I got lots of hugs and all I could say was that I was having "a moment."  They still come around now and then reminding me of the quick succession of loss that was 2015.  I am an orphan.  That feels strange still.

I decided that the shower and a trip to Memphis was way too much for one day so I'm passing on that particular bucket list item though I do so appreciate the offer from Jet's mom and dad.  Jet was one of Ryder's litter by Chester and he actually chose John as he stood back from the pack of puppies,  I love it when that happens.  

I still have a purple eye thanks to Oscar and got a steroid shot in my shoulder today to help with the dull pain that plagues me.  My advanced practice nurse was thrilled to hear the story about how her mother and grandma came out randomly one day looking for where Ms Mary used to live when she was a child.  They went on to meet my parents and Mozella and everyone had quite the time talking history.  

Little Bit has been off on sick leave so we haven't talked her home to Jackson in awhile.  Today was that day.  I hope she enjoys that new pavement in Crockett county.

Peace and love ~

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