Wednesday, December 24, 2014

vote for gay

No Sugardaddy didn't show up at the sawmill or on the front porch or anything. In spite of Christmas evedness, BG and I set out on today's mission of getting us both to and from work with only one car that runs. It was kinda' complicated since she had to be there three hours after me and got off later. I ended up leaving to scoop her up during my break and dropping her off returning after work AND an MFR treatment to pick up her tired and busted ass. Gay finally got her hands on "the bitch" for real and they struggled mightily for a long time. It's the first time I've felt her budge in years! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have that particularly monkey off my back for now. I'm sure she'll return with a vengeance, but I'll continue to seek treatment until she heads off to the moon never to return for painful nights and tingly armed days. Since seeking treatment my posture has improved (it was horridly slumped) and lower back pain has been absent in spite of old tennis shoes.

We had a low tire this morning as in almost flat so on the way I stopped at Patterson Brothers, home of free air, to get it back up. It was raining and I was muddy and had my ass all up in the air doing the deed when somebody tackled me from behind laughing like a fool and my glasses fell off in a puddle. I turned around to find somebody I'd never met who thought I was BG because she recognized the ride and the scrubs. That's how I met Shorty with Melissa waving from their car. They messaged her a short while later telling her I almost had a heart attack which is true, for sure. We laughed all the way to Hell's Kitchen about it.

Part of my job is drawing blood from everybody for tests and on this particular day I found myself facing the task of alienating my baby cousin by pricking his finger. He cried, but not much and before he left I got a snotty nosed kiss and hug. Nom nom! Hey..I handle people's snot all day, ya know? We are ass deep in FluA season so carry a mask with you at all times, even if you got the shot. The CDC and big pharm are notorious for missing the mark and pushing Tamiflu for their stockholders.

I had thought about just "skipping Christmas" this year but in spite of my intentions it has almost arrived and I'm okay with that. I still have a lot of days to work before I can sleep past 5AM but the schedule looks a lot better than before I made a win/win swap with a co-worker. Time to get to cooking those cheese grits. Gaga's recipe doesn't call for milk, and so it shall be.

Peace on earth and joy to you and yours!

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