Monday, December 15, 2014

nothing is easy

Oh was Monday with a capital M. Fortunately I am wired to multitask even though my pace ain't what it used to be. Otherwise, I'd be ass deep in alligators most days. I visited my brother at the fuel center as I picked my way through after work errands. He showed me a plank that was pulled from the original wall in the bathroom at the former residence of the "special" people. That house was built the same time as mine in 1918ish and the board had labels written in calligraphy with four names, presumably for the clothes or towels of the people who lived there. More research to do in all my spare time!

I saw a brief patch of blue sky today but otherwise it's been cloudy and gray for days. Unaware that rain was on the way I left the window down on my car so umm..yep. The wolves are at my door again and not giving me much breathing room so I'm trying to take that one day at a time. BG dropped my debit card in the parking lot of the dolla' store and by the time she retraced her steps it was gone, most probably picked up by the shady bitch standing nearby smoking. She called me and I immediately reported it lost to cover my next paycheck because people can do all kinds of creative things with a number. Later, the store manager called to report that the card was found in a buggy, which she did not use so old girl must have tried to shop a bit on my dime and got declined. I know you don't care honey, but you have NO idea how hard I'm trying to keep this boat floating. While at the grocery/gas store I noticed all kinds of ladies dressed up for their Krogering experience hauling out hundreds of dollars worth of food and poinsettias and whatnot. Most of them drive huge SUVs and I had to wonder at how the "other half" lives. Being the childish one that I am, I actually made a face at the backside of some diva stuffed into jeggins and sporting an attitude as her boots clicked in front of me. Even though her looks were striking, I'd be willing to be her husband ain't happy. Just saying.

My tree has lights but is still crooked and no ornaments. The old me would have insisted on doing it all at once. The new me says "whenever." It's a hard candy Christmas around here but I know Santa is watching me and making his list. the one gift that I have purchased is for my daughter and partner in crime. I just hope she doesn't get the mail and find it first.

BGs peanut butter balls were a hit with Daddy so she's the official maker of them from now on. I forgot and delivered all of them along with the chex mix so I didn't get get a taste. The highlight of my day was a shared video from a friend of her mother getting trapped in a ball pit at a grandchild's birthday party and not able to get back out. Heeelarious!

I'd have more to say but honestly? I'm wordless. Keep the faith ^j^

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