Monday, December 22, 2014

remember when

If I had any pride left before today, the last of it got cried out over the phone to a couple of folks who really didn't want to deal with my problems or else they were crazy busy like me. I asked favors of both that require trust in me and gave it to Big Ernie. At this point, it's all I've got. The evil stomach virus hung around for another morning of dizziness and nausea but by noon it was all good. I actually woke up feeling pretty good this morning all things considered. Sleeping with the therapy ball under my shoulder is about the best feeling in my little world. For that amount of time, my fingers don't tingle after the initial burn.

We passed the way cute mailman on the way home this afternoon and I remembered how amazed he was at the story of BF and his role in the whole miracle. I think it's pretty cool that the USPS always delivered instead of FedEx or UPS. That sounds like a clue right there! The one and only happy that I ordered arrived two weeks after it was debited but it's not for me so I'll just wrap that bitch up and put it down there with the snowman on the tree skirt. Merry indeed. I'm down for Christmas Eve now so nobody will go without blood during the holidays. Or any other time, for that matter!

Booger was with BG when she picked me up and was munching on one of Mama Staff's butter cookies while Oscar watched on. That little dude loves to ride in the backseat and let his hair fly in the wind. Something's up with my car now where I smell gas when it's running and I don't have a clue what it is but it might be what's making us dizzy. Or we might just be worn ass out and have the flu.

All day I kept thinking about that cry from the wilderness that was omen of things to come. A virgin birth was announced and another baby did a big leap of joy inside the womb. Everbody was gathering to PAY THEIR TAXES....ahem, and there in the most simple of settings a miracle of a baby was born. This child grew to be a healer and social activist who died at the hands of an angry mob with a few homeboys standing watch. And all he ever did was try to teach us how to care for each other humanely. Most days, I think we've missed the mark.

Keep the faith ^j^

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