Thursday, December 11, 2014


Since I'm not a follower type of gal, I don't get the way so many folks listen to talking heads. The news that we have access to is tightly controlled by corporate entities that serve up entertainment funded by advertisers with big bucks. You want a Christmas movie? Gotta' have Hallmark. MSM doesn't dare go there because too many sheeple are busy recording criminals minds and survivor type shows for their viewing pleasure when not "busy." They also check the obits online and shop at Amazon rather than buying something unique and handmade. I'm not being judgmental, just realistic. It is what it is and will be what comes.

I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with ATT representatives in Atlanta who kept me from losing my internet service tomorrow plus gave me a discount for the next year. The realist in me knows they just want to sell me a new phone and UVerse but I straight up told her I was in a contract with you know who, and it ain't the devil but starts with the same first letter. Both of 'em, by golly. One of these days I'll get out from under that and spring for Netflix. However, that would require something more than the 10 year old Dell desktop that is pieced together in front of me.

My shoulder is aching and has been for several days now. I had a treatment this afternoon and continue to stretch because my lord, I thought I was all healed up from invasive surgery four months ago. I had my spinach cooked and everything but after some money laundering business and the treatment I just had to pass on the sawmill Christmas party. Nobody wants to watch an old gal do yoga while eating and visiting.

My doctor friend passed on over to heaven like we all knew he would but he sure as heck wasn't alone because there was a boatload of people praying for he and his family. BG worked with him too when she was a unit clerk and had the same kinda' sorta' admiration that I did for who he was. He had a terrific loyalty to one particular pathology group where his friend was an owner and that caused all kinds of drama back in the day. As fate would have it, that group is back in the fold because the younger members of the old timers pulled out. Seems they want the elders to retire and let them have their share. Work guy got shafted on that one, BTW.

So I'm missing chicken and dressing and baked pineapple and all things lab and dinner. I'm okay with that because I know there will be leftovers.

Love ya...mean it ^j^

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