Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I'll not bore you with the details but let it be known that today was one of the most painful in my life as I knelt and drew blood from a seemingly endless parade of sick people the cutest two year old you ever saw. Or, sometimes not so sick. The traffic that clogs emergency rooms nationwide is nothing more than a hit and miss sort of "we caught it this time" but...December is a notoriously dangerous time for the blood supply because everybody's so "busy" and whatnot. I was in line at the dolla' store today with this gal who was crazy excited about slipping a roll of Christmas wrap into the car for his presents. Dontcha' just love Santa? By the way, our blood supplier Lifeline Blood Services will be drawing donors in a mobile unit on December 27th at none other than the sawmill. Y'all put it on your calendar, umkay?

So we got a holiday card today from the Deak family which loves dogs as much as we do and they get into sharing their pics. Ho.HO.Ho. I noticed on the way home that the streets are salted in anticipation of freezing rain. Is it spring yet, I mean REALLY? I know...I know. As my mama would say "don't wish your life away!" It's kind of amazing how many people fail to heed that until it's too late. The lady who was mama's roommate at one of the homes passed yesterday and I was sad to hear it even though she seemed pretty miserable most of the time. When it's your time, let it go. That's true faith. BG and I had the talk today about her inheritance if I kick the bucket anytime soon which, as we all know, can happen just like that. I told her to check with HR on that and call Kay. I have to do some advance work on the donation thing but it's something that I feel strongly enough about that I will indeed follow up with my regional medical center in Mempho. Just a ray or two of sunshine peeked out from today's gray clouds but at least it wasn't raining. I see a very early bedtime coming on if you know what I mean. My one snippet of news today consisted of a tip that this will be Letterman's last Christmas show and that made me sad too. He is my original comedy crush along with Steve Martin and Cheech and Chong. Heeeey man! Sammy just took off running so I guess the wolves are at my door again. I'll keep you posted.

PS Dear Republicans in charge of accepting Medicaid expansion: Do it and help people not industry.

Feliz Navidad~

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