Tuesday, December 23, 2014


These days are kind of melting together now to the point that I have a hard time telling you what day of the week it is. Not so with the date because I see it a million times a day at the sawmill. Christmas eve eve, if you will. My only holiday task is to prepare cheese grits for brunch which I will hopefully get to eat with my family. The grands have decided to spring for the Carol Burnett collection which I think is marvelous...their gift to each other. In the past it's always been this big deal of ordering and hiding for months in advance and running to the mall at the last minute. I like it better this way and I feel sure baby jeebus does too all tucked in that manger snug as a bug. When I think about his beginnings and ministry and how abandoned he felt by his God at the end, it makes me sad that I can be so self centered at times because I have felt forsaken by so many insignificant things.

This is officially post #1306 which goes to show you that I never know when to quit in spite of severe CTS of the right hand (which begins in the shoulder and neck). An old friend and co-worker came by to visit today and we took turns chatting him up as he waited for wifey to have lunch with her friends and co-workers. It's a long story that the bad arm won't allow for now, but this guy from Camden who ended up in Eugene OR of all places is one of the dearest I've ever had both in and out of the workplace. We were in the same SS class for many years which met right next door to where my parents were. An offshoot from another class, we focused less on socializing and a whole lot on Bible study. We took turns as teachers much of the time though there were this one guy who wanted to run the entire show himself. There's one in every crowd.

My most important goal for the new year is to focus on looking ahead rather than behind. There's a lot of drama and pain back there and I'm too close to the end to dwell on it. From this point on I will shake it off and move up. I have put things on the "back burner" that are essential to my wellness and sanity and it shows. I tend to make excuses for why I can't rather than grasp the possibility that I can. My boundaries are hard earned and a lot firmer than they used to be.

Yes.I.Can ^j^

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