Wednesday, December 10, 2014

OMG and keep the faith

Okay, I'm seriously worried about the world in which we live because everybody's just so damn touchy about every little thing and being politically correct and not "offending" anybody. Especially when there's $$ involved, ya' know? The leader of one of the most exclusive women's colleges in this country was chastised for allegedly changing the unofficially branded slogan of a certain group of protesters. What difference does it make in the whole scenario of racial equality and police militarization? Not one damn bit.

The DISH guy came by for an early morning change out of hardware because since I'm paying for it I should at least be able to watch Colbert, Stewart and SouthPark. BG got called into work after that so I'm jamming and sorting and decorating for Christmas. One of the most disturbing things that I noticed on the innerwebs today is that Hallmark pulled some Hannukah giftwrap because there were supposedly swastikas up in there. It reminded me of the 80's Care Bears scare about the devil being in their bellies. I found the ornaments (finally) in the attic and managed to not break my neck on the way down the steps. Let's just say if a tree appears, I'm ready. All my furbabies are taking a nap in and around my bed. When I had surgery we took the top layer off so I wouldn't fall and tear that surgical site. It now sits burned out in the front yard waiting for a spring crop of something edible. I'm composting the leaves into it and might just haul some horse poop if my shoulder holds up.

So anyway here's my take on current affairs. Conservatives everywhere are scared as shit because they're losing the voters everywhere due to Congressional stupidity that gets entirely too much MSM coverage because their women are "hot." There is hope though as I see Michelle B is retiring from politics which probably means some equally conservative bitch in a tight dress will take her seat. In a mood? Nah. I did however just get a call from our local EMS provider telling me that Medicare paid for one trip during mom's four month tour of rehabs so they have money coming back from a cash pay. Gotta' love that kind of TLC for the patient. This will go directly to the last care facility. I haven't seen the perm yet but I know she's ready for the holidays. And really? Tis' the season!

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