Thursday, December 25, 2014

christmas present

As Big Ernie allowed, I was able to have a nice Christmas breakfast with my family even while flu season raged. BG and Bubba did the cooking with my contribution of grits in the oven along with biscuits which were definitely not the ones she used to make with shortening. Hers were short and greasy creations that went perfectly with purple hulls and fresh corn from our garden. The was usually a fried veggie or two like squash or green tomatoes and we ate right off the plate lined with paper towels while she fussed at us to stop. Sorry's too good to pass on! Daddy's favorite summertime dessert was cornbread and pea juice. It was a time that is long gone but dear to my soul as a country girl. My brothers both became farmers of sorts, each choosing a way to work with the land that they have in a BlueRidge valley and the other around Pecan Lane. Thanks to Zuck and FB I got to see my niece asleep on their couch and she and her brother watching the Grinch who stole the whole show. Somehow I have to believe that he's a tea party conservative. At my age, not much will change in this demolibtard mind. It is what it is.

So most everybody except the sickest of the sick stayed home long enough to open Santa prior to showing up in the ER for a flu and strep test because all the urgent cares were closed. Hospitals never shut down y'all. We are there 24/7 on rotation and working ungodly hours to take care of you and your sick family when you need it. We drive emergency trucks and do long shifts and generally get the job done even when your kids scream or you give us an attitude about seeking treatment. And when all is said and done? We go home and tell our families how we "helped people". It's a lovely concept and one that centers around the fact that medical care is something that we take for granted in this country. What if we depended on Doctors Without Borders for our shots? Wellness is what's up people, and organic farming plus a less toxic environment are the key to our survival. Every time I smell the chemicals wafting over the corn fungus I get a little bit sicker. Drift is terrible on a hill with a sprayer next door.

So my favorite personal trainer dropped by this morning to show me how to build up the bitch arm because it's about to play out. Everything was good while I was off and in a sling but two months back at it set the whole thing in motion again. Thank goodness Gay and Victor care enough to treat fo'free! My friend William called just to touch base and tell me he loves me plus he was having holiday sadness but so was I. I cried off and on all day, a little bit nostalgic for those days when we all believed in miracles.

Keep the faith ^j^

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