Sunday, December 21, 2014


It's funny how different people wear theirs. Unless I'm sick or overwhelmed mine don't usually sit on my sleeve because I hate drama. It is a soul sucking idiotic waste of time to get your little feelings hurt every time looks at you the wrong way. I was that way at one time in life so I know the difference. Maturity dictates a picking of battles sort of mentality to survive unscathed by those who thrive on keeping the pot stirred. And there are plenty, by the way. I try really hard to be objective about criticism and suggestions for improvement. As a result, I have decided that an exit strategy is in order, not only for the things that make me feel bad about myself but for things that have gone on way too long out of failure to set boundaries and seek change. I was offered an opportunity recently that would have been possible if I had a dependable car so that's on the list along with legal advice on finances and other issues. I've always been a dreamer and I'm "failing to thrive" in that area these days.

Daddy and I went to eggs and doughnuts today after I went to check on Mom and found her already perched in the chair waiting for breakfast to be served. She eats like a bird but drinks lots of fruit tea so there's some value added nutrition right there. We also had a very confusing (again)discussion about what pills to take and stuff because she still has a month's worth from before she went into rehabland. That was before I became the devil I think. She and Daddy both are into that hiding thing that the elderly do...fixing up little sacks and projects for ummmm...what, a rainy day? It's human nature and a desire to control and retain personal dignity. I respect that and have learned that they're the ones calling the shots not me. It is an unsafe situation but not one where there is no able mind to make decisions. That may come and we will deal with it then. As long as Ms Faye and HH are on board, we're pretty much safe if mom will just stay in her chair and not try to get "sprunty." That's her word, by the way. It has always amazed me that she lectures on the subject of self care yet fails to practice it.

My shoulder hurts BAD. I've about decided it's the other carpal tunnel on a rampage so I'm asking Santa for a brace in my stocking. That and MFR should help in a non-pharmaceutical way. I went three days without a dose of anti-crazy this week and it showed, I'm just saying. I depend on an SRUI to keep me balanced and not climbing the water tower and the week was just so wild it got away from me before payday. Several co-workers have been blessed with Montezuma's revenge over the past week and it hit me today bright and early. Headache. Body aches. The works! In the words of many people "It's hell gettin' old." I went to pick up BG at her job this afternoon and we gave Antonio a ride home. The Bossman were out back doing bossly things like smoking cigars and whatnot and I hollered at him that my brother said hey. They both have young kids at an age they never dreamed possible. Dude hunts a lot and has more money than God.

I am horrified like the rest of the country over the execution style killings of NYC police officers supposedly for "michael brown." Bullshit people! I hope every asshat who stoked this fire in the MSM chokes on it because these deaths were THEIR doing. It's a long stretch from peaceful protest to cold blooded murder. That this thug offed himself afterwards makes him even more of a coward. There are good and bad cops and good and bad all other kinds of people. To profile them based on job description or race and religion is absurd.

I won't be off again for a long stretch, Christmas notwithstanding. Our workforce has been hit hard with bad luck and we're pretty much just taking turns with covering each others' asses. Honestly, I don't even care anymore because all I do is work and come home so I might as well be there. In the state of TN (being one of the few that requires licensing for laboratory professionals) we are required to produce proof of 24 hours of CE on our own dime to keep the license. State inspectors come through and audit that so here I was today knocking out about 11 of them. Sure...I've had two years to do it but you all know I'm a procrastinator. Linda Mc and I will probably spend Christmas day doing the other half.

This particular GI bug is an evil one and I feel for anybody who has had the throwing up piece along with the squirts. I feel kind of "dauntsy" as little Sharry says but I'm sure I'll live to be a smartass again.

Merry Christmas week to you and yours and your mama'n'them.

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