Thursday, December 18, 2014


There's nothing that does a soul more damage than being outed on multiple issues by someone you thought was a friend. Which only goes to prove that friends come and they go and often they really don't have your best interests at heart. To minimize someone else's pain is about the harshest thing that someone can do even if they're not a friend. To be told that you're having a pity party is even worse. I have to own the fact that I've not always made the wisest decisions with my life but then again who among us will be the one to cast the first stone? Not me buddy. I am not one to pass judgement because it ain't my job. That one belongs to Big E. If I am to believe what I'm told, I do no more than anybody else and have no reason to feel overwhelmed at times. Okay then. Once again, that's between me and my God and my flimsy boundaries.

A patient and I had an off the cuff conversation today about faith and keeping it even when things look dark. We told each other Merry Christmas and both of us knew that it was heartfelt. He warned me that he was a tough case but that faith thing we had going on worked out just fine. I have found that those with the strongest faith are doubters at times and that's what strengthens belief in good things coming out of the darkness. A watchful waiting for something wonderful is what believing in Christ is all about, and at this time of year it's hard to maintain that mindset when it seems to be all about what you're gonna receive. Expect nothing, as my ex used to say.

BG is at the Urgent Care seeking further treatment for what's got her skin all torn up again. A friend took the spare out of the Cadi trunk yesterday and put it on only to find that it, too, is flat. We shall carpool until the debt is whittled and she gets a decent job where caustic chemicals are not a part of the daily workflow. There were more cards in the mail today from friends and family and they are now on the tree along with favorite ornaments. When I came in I noticed Sophie limping so I guess she hurt her leg out playing today. She just crawled off my bed onto the doggie pillow on the floor nearby. All of our furbabies play musical beds especially when things are quiet like now. Quiet is good, if you know what I mean. I can enjoy it a lot more than I did in my younger days.

This too shall pass as Mr Yates and my parents always said ^j^

BG Update: As it turns out, she has Flu A in addition to everything else. Dayum.

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  1. Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Hope it doesn't stick around long.