Monday, December 8, 2014

on the first day of christmas

Still no tree up here but we've got a plan at least. Instead of shelling out three hours worth of minimum wage pay for something that got grown and shipped or made from cheap silk we're choosing a pine branch somewhat bigger than Charlie Brown's, but not much. So many people look at the tree trimming and decorating as something to "get done" when in years past nobody even thought about a tree until a day or two before and went dashing through the snow in search of the perfect cedar. Of course that was wayyyyy after baby jeebus was born and the wise men showed up two years later while following that star. I had a friend in Dallas whose online name was Follow That Star and we did a lot of good things back in the day when blogging was something everybody didn't do. Last I heard he moved to Colorado. Dennis, if I'm not mistaken. He had put in a lot of years, as he put it, walking around with a clipboard looking busy in the aerodynamic industry.

I'm anxiously awaiting a day off which should come on Wednesday unless somebody dies and then I guess I'll get overtime, or somebody will. I'm at least 11 years from retirement so I might as well start saving. I read a piece yesterday suggesting that the market will probably crash again because it usually does a free fall every 5-7 years so I think I'll just keep my cash in a jar and bury it. I called today to make an appointment for a pap smear and got none other than my dear friend Donna to book me in for a 2015 appointment. I sure hope the ASCUS doesn't decide to go nuts between now and then. Meanwhile my shoulder is hurting like the bitch that she is. Things are quiet at Casa Grands so I dare not disturb the peace controlled chaos that is them together alone. I figure somebody will call when they need an ambulance. The HH nurse said Mom is doing good so those weeks at the home helped. Never underestimate the power of restorative care.

It's warm...fifties which is just right for me. I breathe better, feel better and just overall perform better when it's cooler. I do so hate to break a sweat and when I do? Let it be easy to cool off. Time for chair yoga, y'all. Call your mother, unless she calls you the devil then let her call you.


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