Sunday, June 5, 2011

with a capital H case ya'll were wondering, it's still hot as hades here. There is a slight breeze which might lend itself to waterhose play. Always look for rainbows in any given situation, that's our motto here on the lane. It beats the heck out of crying and being scared. Week two of our new breakfast destination turned out as well as it did the first time with some donuts to go for my daddy who couldn't wait to get home and eat one. He's funny like that. If it was me, I'd have eaten that sucker first!

When I was a freshman at Dyersburg State I promptly enrolled in every psych class I could take and was treated to a historical perspective of the human mind by a guy who remains a personal hero along with the funky english teacher who made furniture from logs and the hot chemistry professor. My true inspiration was the woman who taught drama. There might be some kind of psychobabble slip there, but. Hmm. I went on to the big state university to be trained as a medical professional and have (attempted to) pay the bills doing that for 34 years. No wonder I'm tired!

I'm not too upset about having no camera since it's too damn hot go outside unless you have to. It's funny the things you remember. Once upon a time my brother was on an advisory panel for a national farm equipment dealership. They sent out a crew, complete with photographers on ladders and gophers with water bottles in the dead heat of August for this particular shoot. My crazy old ass climbed up onto a green and yellow tractor in that heat and sweated with pride at being the farmer's daughter. As I sit here gazing at the circa 1918 dairy barn across from the window, I can only imagine the energy that was bustling around here during the twenties before the company that owned it went belly up. We have pics from back in that day, but they're few and far between.

Ya'll do whatever it takes to stay cool. Lord knows we don't wanna sweat anymore than we have to ^j^


  1. Keep the AC going Miz Janie.....
    Hugs and prayers

  2. Life is what we make of it, and you show us how. Thanks Miss Janie.