Wednesday, June 8, 2011

if you build it, they will come

I suppose it's just the simple country girl in me that has always gone for the guys who make you laugh and enjoy snorting right along with you. Tears streaming....table slapping! I remember watching Archie Bunker and Meathead putting each other down and laughing at what was the real world at that time. That was many moons ago before we got to where we are now. I'm not real sure where that is, but we're all in it together. One of the most memorable movies I've ever seen is, of all things, Waterworld with Costner trying to save everybody who's floating around on junk pieces of tin. I hope I'm up in heaven playing a harp before that happens because I'm just not a survivalist. Think the guys in "Deliverance" and that's me in the wilderness.

Anyways, back to the corn. It's all in front of my office window, pretty short and dry but coming up nicely. No rain in the forecast and yes indeedy...still hot. I hear the north is getting a break soon, but not so for us poor southerners. We plod along with our grapes of wrath looking fields and a firm belief that God is good and will bless us if we just take care of ourselves instead of selling out to some country with slave labor tactics. Not that people don't grow stuff and appreciate nature in other regions of the world, mind you. We've just depended on it for so long and survived on it when the war was over all the while being raped, pillaged and burned by the yankees. I can't help it. Sometimes the Scarlett in me just pops out of nowhere!

One of the hottest topics in today's news is Obamacare in court. A federal mandate that if people do not purchase insurance, they will be "dealt with" at the government level. Okay, then. Here's the deal ya'll. Our country did a massively stupid thing by buying into the whole "we can live forever" philosophy that has kept healthcare providers and their vendors rich for years. The ones of us who have worked during that time retain jobs because we cannot afford to pay out of pocket for healthcare costs. The rest, many of them deserving disabled souls, have been funded by state and federal government dollars. The opportunities for abuse in privatizing contracts in that area was demonstrated by the number of Tenncare fraud scams that sprang up, many of them masterminded by a member of the Ford family in Memphis. The pharmacy piece of that package went entirely to entertain his friends and cronies. Same with the daycare money. Gone. Poof. Yet the people in Memphis continued to elect him, even as Maxine was falling off the bar stool in a Nashville hotel. Shame on you! Ya'll are better than that.

I have this on and off again admiration for Ron Paul that is tempered by seeing his son in action at the state level in Kentucky, one of the poorest states in this nation. Dr. Paul has pitched out the theory that the two party system is really nothing more than two teams funded by rich people who do whatever they like with our lives and make money off of it. I tend to agree with him on that point. Fiscal responsibility is a cornerstone of his platform. I have learned the hard way that plastic purchases and buying on credit are not smart. What I'm wondering is this...if China calls in our debt and we don't pay up, will they just nuke the whole country and take of the world? Nah. They need us just like we need them. Nobody over here could ever do electronics the way they do and we've got the cool tourist attractions. I'm just saying.

It's hump day kids. As Mahala would say "hump it like you've never done before."


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