Thursday, June 16, 2011

i want my life back

I remember almost losing my freakin' mind when we gained a late twenties guy as a roommate and had to find a place for all his stuff. And in my extreme state of agitation at times, I uttered those very words, with tears and sobs. He lived here for many years and it was close quarters to say the least, but we had some damn good times. He's a boy scout so there was always a fire and the yard was taken care of. I'll never forget the night he called me from down the road, trapped by a utility pole in a ditch. I could barely hear him, but I scurried on down there in the dark and I'll be damned if he didn't have everything the EMTs used to save him in the back of his Dodge pickup. He also brought home good whiskey at times, which is about as often as I need it. At times. There is still a row of frosty shot glasses in the freezer.

Our friend had a babygirl today and my BG was in attendance for the festivities. Scheduled sections are the way to go, I'm just saying. Especially for younger moms who tend to freak! Thanks to that Covey came out lookin' like a little porcelain doll, a little over six pounds and surrounded by glowing family. I just love it when that happens. BG mentioned to me that she had to stop for a funeral procession on the way to the hospital, and remarked about the circle of life. Yep. I love it when that happens too.

We've got another roommate now, as BF is on the road most of the time with his job and our friend is homeless for now. Damn floods! Looking north, I'm saying that we've probably been pretty lucky all in all. Even my old tried and true river friends tell me that after a flood, you don't really know all the "spots" anymore. Anywho, it's still crowded and chaotic at times, but we manage as a family to take care of our own and each other. That's really all that counts in the long run. Mama and Daddy'n'them are hanging in there like the troopers that they are. I remember thinking this time last year that they would never spend another winter there. Boy was I wrong!

We have lived in a rather odd stewardship of this farm for over fifty years, never owning anything other than crop or livestock shares, but allowing my father to pursue his dream as an ag-master on somebody else's dime. And have a full time job with the USDA too! Plus raise three children who didn't kill each other! Their third grandchild was born this past fall, a pretty little girl who resembles his mother and brother. They are far away and busy as a Chinese fire drill. This Sunday is the day that we honor our fathers for being there for us, warts and all. If yours is no longer living, just know that I'll give my own and all the other great daddies out there a hug from ya'll so they will have plenty.

Shout-out to Terry and Bev and all of their friends and family....."Keep the faith" ^j^

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