Saturday, June 25, 2011

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My brother and his family are in a cabin on a Virginia bay having a very scheduled escape from reality because that's the only way it will happen when there's two toddlers involved. Last year there was no cell coverage so we tested out the sat phone/cell relay this morning just in case somebody gets in dire straits out here on the farm. So far, so good. I reported to the sawmill this morning at precisely two minutes past six AM to earn some money and save a few lives. As serendipity would have it, there wasn't an overwhelming amount of business and no impromptu IT outage, so we got to actually eat two meals and have a chance to visit. I love it when that's a good opportunity to heal wounds and catch up on life.

We're still hobbling around here...trying to determine what the answer is when there is none, attempting to preserve family history for the generations of folks who have grown up in the Samaria Bend community. Our mayor, Mozella, is the wife of a descendent of Son Johnson. He and Miss Lockye, who was from Gibson county, lived across the road from the red log cabin where I grew up. In those days, the rivers flooded like crazy and crept up next to the chicken houses and hog barns. I never gave a second thought to the fact that we were on opposite sides of the road and property line. The corp did some dredging and it doesn't flood as often, but ya' never know. Especially not with floodcopalyse '11 lapping at our doorsteps. Okay already. Let's watch something funny or watch lightning bugs.

Rumor has it that Obama is drawing down on the other side of the world and attempting to restore some sanity. The healthcare plan can bite my ass, but that's a popular decision, hon. Why mortgage ourselves to Asia just to fight a war that will never be done? Like my daddy says " It has always been thus and so." I read on the interwebs today that there's a new book telling about the rapes and mutilations that happened to Jewish women during the Holocaust. It is very controversial because many believers think that talking about that part of the abuse is a moot point, considering the trains and concentration camps and crematoriums that were a part of the whole deal. Ethnic cleansing is a very serious offense and NATO has failed to address that issue with any sort of clarity. All I'm saying is that somebody better get off of the offense button and listen to the people. We want a retirement that is something less than sending our kids off to fight battles in lands where there is none of our business other than oil. Call it a rant. I don't give a rat's ass.

My friend in the trauma unit has no brain activity which is never a good sign so we're all prayin' for the lord's will to be done however it works out. Nobody should suffer while they're dying, I mean REALLY. When I die, I trust...without a doubt, that people will be there who love me and will make me laugh. favorite movie is Patch Adams right after Field of Dreams and the Truman Show. Oh, and The Green Mile. Sometimes, you just have to laugh. I've been told it's good exercise for the abs.

In case ya'll think I'm a bleeding liberal, let me say right now that I consider Ron Paul a leading contender in next year's presidential election. His son is a little bit radical from what I hear, but dad is all about fiscal responsibility and such so that should work out fine. As long as Medicare and SS don't run out before I retire or die, whichever comes first. THEN...Poops will be pissed and proceed to have a running Stafford fit and nobody wants any part of that.


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  1. One of these days, we'll remember that we ought to be takin' care of our own...