Monday, June 6, 2011

life is what you make it

I was (notsomuch) looking forward to a 2 hour drive to spill my guts during an (albeit) paid for therapy session today, especially with the heat and all. I mean the worst thing ever to me is getting back into a hot dark colored car after it's been sittin' in the sun. I used to park under the trees at work until they were cut down to make room for MORE parking. My guy totally understood and probably enjoyed his hour off to catch his breath. We are now re-scheduled with somewhat more of a game plan. As a consolation prize, we're headed to the pool for some girl time. Sometimes you gotta' pick your therapies wisely.

I read with great sadness today of the death of my fairy blogmother's beloved father. She was always a daddy's girl, from what I have read. He was a teacher from what I gather, and made a great impression on who she is today as a writer, woman and friend. They live in different states so her visits have been spread carefully among time spent with her husband and kids who have moved out of the nest. She has been a mentor to me of sorts, urging me on when the muse seems invisible and sharing her moments like they were my own. Jen...great big bloggy hugs from TN to you and yours. Love ya....mean it.

Gotta vacate the premises and head south to the pool. If Sarah P tweets or posts that I've libeled her political presence and is going to sue, tell her I'm ready to lawyer up.


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