Tuesday, June 7, 2011

art therapy

For the first time, our friend Conner is doing a sleepover with BG and the rest of us critters. We've already done face painting on the porch and I got to be the angel and him a monster. I think BG was Sam the dog. He is an angel in and of himself, with a handicap physical challenge that would make most families give up...but not his. His mama and BG are buds and I was there when he was born and it all got kinda touchy. We have watched him grow from a tiny little boy who needed growth hormone to a happy healthy seven year old boy who is somewhat spoiled, like most only kids. His smile is like the sun....beaming out from a face where his eyes can't make out details but his soul can feel love. He has helped me to understand the blurry world in which my own parents live, dependent on the good will of others to see them through the pearly gates to the room with many mansions. These two, dear Lord, have earned that and an extra bathroom or two. Plus a hot tub. They have spent their years here on earth doing no harm (except to themselves occasionally) taking every opportunity to serve the least of these whenever the need arose. There have been family issues that it's taken years for me to understand, most notably the difference between the family structures of my parents. We're talking old school. I'm sitting at the desk that Gumby finally decided to will me looking at a picture of my daughter and my nephew meeting for the first time. There are many years between them age wise, but I know with all my heart that they will be life partners and carriers on of the family tradition. What started at Samaria Bend ended up on Walton's mountain. I think I'll settle for that and be blessed.

And yes, it is still hot as hell and it makes me quite bitchy. When your groceries thaw in an air conditioned car on the way home, it's time to take a chill pill. We've got air blowing in every room and it's a handy way to dry something quickly if you know what I mean. I saw an old friend and former co-worker at the store today and she promised to buy me lunch soon so we can catch up. That's the best offer I've had since the salsa sisters last gathering.

I'd send a pic of the face painting but my camera's broken and I'm too lazy to use the phone so there you go. Just know that I'm lookin' positively angelic at the moment, and that I don't claim a bit of credit for it. It's just how Big Ernie rolls. I'm wondering if Hoss is still alive as a dung beetle somewhere waiting on royalties for all the times I've quoted him. Knowing his ornery ass, probably so. You've got to admit, that's not just your ordinary every day experience a few of us had with him on his farewell tour. Right?



  1. I was never one of Hoss's favorites, but I did enjoy readin' him. Powerful savvy, as they say.

  2. It's those little ones with the challenges that not only make you sit back and realize a whole passel of stuff, but appreciate God's will...
    Hugs and prayers