Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hit me again

I am to the point in my life, all things considered, that nothing much surprises me anymore and the only sensible option is to roll with the punches. Things have, in somewhat small increments, eased up on the financial front but it wouldn't shock me in the least if something happened in 30 minutes to change all that and put me back at square one. Like my friend Sue told me at the casino one time: "You're SNAKEBIT woman!" I'm one of those whom bad luck and cosmic challenges seems to follow around like the little lamb traipsing behind Mary to school. If I had back all of the pointless energy that I've burned off ranting and raving about it and feeling sorry for myself, I could become Wonder Woman and just fly off to Fiji. I did several hard years of personal talk therapy in my thirties, and have been pretty faithful about ducking in and out of the therapist's office when something major comes up that I need some navigation advice on.'s really out of character for me to let a streak of stress build up to this point before seeking help. Appointment is made for next week. Wish me well.

I've spent several fun-filled days with my sisters and various members of our blended families. Yesterday afternoon was my first post-flood river tour, in the backseat of a convertible with my hair whippin' in the wind and a cooler keeping me company. The three of us girls headed to the river to tour Gigi's homeplace at Tennimo near the Mississippi and Obion rivers, calling it a "redneck ride." It's mostly passable now, but nothing there except for acres and acres of mud waiting to dry up. The destruction of numerous dwellings and structures, as ordered by FEMA, has begun. It is beyond sad to see that way of life disappear. Generations have had communities along those rivers, using them first for transportation and later for commerce and raising families in the communities nearby. As my good friend John Ruskey of The Mighty Quawpaws has noted, it's like the water rushed in and changed the flow of everything, rearranging the wetlands and creating new habitats. That's nature for you.

The grands are still there in their recliners and we're still counting pills and going on grocery runs, trying unsuccessfully to consolidate some of the details because really? It's just like a freakin' Chinese fire drill or trying to herd cats. If I make it 'til the therapist visit without hurting somebody, it will be a miracle. Let us pray and be specific on that one.

It's hot, and getting hotter by the day. All ya'll surely know how much I hate that sort of thing. The pneumonia recovery has creeped along through the worst of allergy season with weekly shots looking like something in my near future. I took them for years and was never sick much at all during that time. I guess they've worn off, huh? And so it goes :) Also see as in paragraph 1:slow learner.

The world continues to twirl in spite of natural disasters, rowdy Middle Eastern crowds and Snooki losing her license to the Italian police *sigh*. They were your ESCORT honey, not bumper cars. It's just like Mr Yates says....this too shall pass.


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  1. Life is a long ride on a fast roller coaster.