Wednesday, June 22, 2011

peaks and vallies

My dear friend the little general quotes her mother on that little nugget of wisdom passed down. That's just what life is and no matter how you look at it, if you can't believe that today's problems are tomorrow's opportunities for improvement you just ain't gonna make it when the world blows up. I don't care how many cases of bottled water you've got. When you reach a peak and think the world is just all below your feet, watch out because there is some desert tromping coming right behind it and you will be singin' the blues. We are working through some, shall we say, very layered family issues here on the farm and I've heard some words thrown out there that have really hurt my feelings, most recently by my mama. I sulked for a day or two and with the help of friends realized that she's just mad because I'm still going and she's not. Can't help it. I'm a survivor at this point.

Out of the blue a totally unexpected computer downtime came at the sawmill today and took EVERYBODY off guard. Usually we have a day or two of notice before backups and such but this was major and quick. If you can imagine the sound of our PBX operator paging the IT guy over and over and over again, that's exactly how it was. We reported results and then had to catch it all up in the system. If you don't have a downtime plan, that doesn't work! Fortunately, ours manages to get us through a crunch. That's the real test. My bossfriend, her hubby and their precious puppy are on the road for his job way up north. Poor Gracey tore a ligament right before the ten hour trip then got sick from the anti-inflammatory. Plus riding to Minnesota in a car. Bless.their.hearts.

When I arrived home yesterday, the central unit had been replaced by my favorite HVAC guy and it works like a charm. Big old shoutout to Corey Jeffries and the landlord. And of course Tyler Shipley :) We proceeded to de-weed the yard while they finished up, and by this morning I was a sniveling idiot with red eyes. But hey....the view is great! My BF even cut the poke off of the top of that hideous pile so I can see the woods across the road. Ya'll remember the pile right? The one that the driveway architect left and was going to come back for. It's been there for over two years now. I got a quick inservice on the new thermostat and was told to sling AWAY from vehicles and brand new central units. Gotcha' bro.


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  1. Gotta love those allergies, eh? Colton suffers from tall grass too. Mine is trees. Sorry to hear about the hurt feelings, but like the water on a ducks' back, this too shall pass.
    Hugs and prayers.