Monday, June 13, 2011

always save for a rainy day

That is one adage that it's taken me a long time to learn, most especially in the retirement area. During my peak earning years I couldn't afford to contribute to company sponsored plans which is all good because the market collapsed and all that investment went by the wayside. An entire generation of this country's tax payin' hard working people. I read on the WWW today that the average college graduate ( two thirds of them ) will still be paying off government loans when their own children make the decision about higher education. In my experience, it hasn't helped me to earn any more than if I had learned to do graphic art and had a good agent instead. I mean really. I have borrowed to live for my entire adult life, and I see a glimmer at the end of the tunnel. The allure of steady work at reasonable wages has lost the people of this country, replacing them with a whole bunch who believe that somebody owes them something for nothing. I'm not talking about your hard working third shift mom who does the graveyard shift and gets the kids to school on time. I'm speaking (without malice, of course) to those of you who choose to live off of government programs rather than do an honest day's work for decent pay and benefits. And not send your cash back to mama'n'them to pay ransom to the cartels. Get a freakin' grip, ya'll.

There is a duct taped leather edition of the bible laying on my desk, a Mother's day gift from back in the day. Being the realist that I am and wanting to have a nice snot slinging kind of funeral, I have a running list of songs to put on my CD. If I listed them all here, you would say " This girl needs some medication" so I'll spare ya'll. Trust's all over the place. Musical multiple personalities, and you can just call me Sybil.

It clouded up and rained today which is good news for us parched southerners. Lord knows we need to make some bucks off of this farmland while it's rich with nutrients from the great flood of 2011. Maybe I'll get a bonus for living here :) Contact was made with a guy who has worked with our family before and he's aware of the issues. Mom and Daddy are right up there on top, if you know what I mean. The way I see it, I've got to work another ten years to even approach being able to retire drop dead on the concrete and I'm really pissed that I'll be stepped over by other lab people who will benefit from the market void that will appear when we all say to hell with it and move on. When you're talking pecking order, the ancillary department folks are at the bottom of the food chain and take a lot of abuse from self serving higher ups. My theory is this: If you choose a career in healthcare it should be to help other people. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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  1. Life is a tragedy, played out on a stage for an audience afraid to laugh.