Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a long summer's nap

Last night, I drifted off to sleep watching the rays of the sun fade through the lace curtains in my bedroom. Fourteen! hours later, I woke to dark skies, thunder and lightning. Talk about hibernation and confusion. For a change, my old body feels rested and ready to tackle the next challenge that gets thrown onto the path. Lord only knows what that will be! I've always been able to sleep in, especially when given the opportunity for more than one day. It's a natural recharge of batteries to me, while others would be in a twit if they made it past five am. I've got SEVERAL friends like that. Carry on morning people :)

Today is day two, or as I like to call it the "middle the sandwich" day with three off. Due to the weather (and my inherent laziness) my therapy appointment was re-scheduled for the AM tomorrow. BG has accused me of not wanting to go, and that's true...not because it's therapy but because I hate to travel. Back in the day I had the luxury of local therapists, except for the first year. But that was 20 years ago, before I turned into a house mouse. Looking back on that time, I firmly believe that if I had been on an SRUI at the time I would've progressed a lot faster, but that was when Zoloft and Prozac were the only choices and a lot of stigma was attached to being "weak" or "crazy" enough to need one. Thank goodness that mindset has gone by the wayside. My GYN doc is the one who finally had the common sense to put me on one because of PMS. BG has it bad, just like I did. For people who've never dealt with that, consider yourselves lucky.

Another delight that I'll miss just because money is tight and again, I don't like to travel, is a concert in Memphis next month featuring Boz Scaggs and Michael McDonald, two of my favorite tunesters. I once gave away James Taylor tickets because I didn't have anybody to go with. Learned my lesson on impulse buying on that one! I suppose I should consider myself extremely blessed to be so content at home with the beautiful view, and all my doggies. VERY low maintenance. My favorite thing to do with large chunks of time is cooking...and being creative with it. There is a spinach recipe that I found online and modified with a few tweaks that people are clamoring for me to bring whenever there's a potluck. The famous cheese biscuits started the same way, by trial and error and years of doing things a little bit differently each time. BG and I were talking about my "followers" yesterday and how people kinda sorta like to read my rambling on occasion. Blogging is my short term answer to the literary streak that might eventually become a book if I ever get off my a** and do it. Yeah, I know....excuses, excuses. Hey it works for me and evidently nobody's getting a slap in the face in the process. Well, except a few politicians and other dumb folk.

Ya'll keep it in the middle of the road. Love ya....mean it ^j^

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