Saturday, June 18, 2011

the people inside my computer

My absolute HOOT of a friend named Lois called us all that back in the day, and I can all bloggers can. That was before social networking was every day's business and she was trying to get trained as a funny gal at Second City. She made the most hilarious video of the Annual Turkey Testicle Festival in her Illinois hometown and sent it to Leno when they were showing viewer videos. Her language is about as salty as mine, and we see no harm in that as long as nobody gets hurt. Of course, it's terribly hard to see your "group" get called down and laugh at yourself sometimes. I'd like to smack the people who got all mad at Tracy Ferguson. Get over ya'lls bad selves, folks. It's a JOKE. That is one thing that I admire about Jon Stewart...he doesn't cull anybody when it comes to making harmless fun. Even presidents and christians'n'stuff. Laughter is the best medicine by far.

I'm celebrating my weekend off with a shot of Petron which I've never had before in my life. And it was dang good, by the way. Thanks BF. I bet he read the post about how he brings good spirits up in the house when he comes off the road. His work crew could be part of the extras in Weeds and he spent about six months living on a ranch close to the border so he knows his stuff. Welcome back Gumby!

It's cloudy and not a hundred today so I'll be staying home to clean this nasty a** house. Besides, my main pool buddy is out of pocket staying with our friends at the hospital. They got to meet the guy who scooped him up off the pavement and flew him to the trauma center, which is pretty neat I think. Five years ago we had to wait 30 minutes for a chopper to come from Memphis. Now they're based here in our hometown. It's one of those things like don't think much about availability until you need it!

Happy father's day to all of you who have helped a child to grow stronger and wiser by following in your footsteps, whether they're your own kids or somebody else's. It takes a village.



  1. It does indeed take a village, and as long as the village idiot ain't involved they might turn out alright someday. I think most times I feel closer to the "people in my 'puter" than those in my hometown. Well, I trust them a whole lot more anyways....., just sayin'.......
    Hugs and prayers

  2. Lois ain't wrapped too tight, which is why I luv her - it's like we're related! HA!
    Some of the best friends I've never met are those I chat with here each and every day, up to and includin' you Miss Janie.
    Blessing and fair winds to you.