Thursday, April 21, 2011

the morning after

It was a big fat scary storm with some pretty ferocious winds plus a hook or two but all in all we got out light. Blessed, so to speak. My parents lost their power and remain without, so we just sclepped down there to get the valuables out and move 'em up the hill to our place. They've been without TV for two days now which is a huge problem for Daddy and his OCD tendencies. Watching at my house ain't the same, ya know? As of fifteen minutes ago they are booked at the best western right next to their breakfast place. BG is in charge of that mission. Mama was all weepy about "being so much trouble" but secretly I think she's looking forward to sleeping in a big bed with her OWN television. Though she can't see, she gets lots of mileage out of books on tape or listening to a movie. Only his dementia won't allow her the peaceful atmosphere to enjoy those things. When combined with his stubborn homestead tendencies that can turn into tantrums in a heart beat so it's been a standoff on anything remotely resembling assisted living. He was diagnosed five years ago by his family practice guy who let the neurologist call it Alzheimer's and properly diagnosed the FTD that was working away in his brain. Frontal lobe. Bad news. The progress is slow but steady resulting in a decline in normal activities with an obsession on something or another.

I am torn at times between stretching things a little bit thinner just to allow them to live there, but in my heart I know it's not safe. If I didn't live a half mile up the road, it wouldn't even be possible. And we all know how expensive it is to live on Pecan Lane. Always entertaining, though. If I told ya'll what me and BG did yesterday to get Faith and her boyfriend apart I'd get arrested by the porn police so that'll just have to wait for the book. It seems that the older I get, the more random life becomes and I kinda like that. The humane society guys came and got her boyfriend this morning after he tortured me for two days with puppy dog looks wanting to come inside with the rest of my herd. Nada dude.

Somehow or another holy week has disappeared into a cloud of details for me. Work. Play a little. Eat. Book hotel rooms and empty freezers. Don't need an Easter dress because I'll be at work for the next 4 days. Work on the finances and pray. Enjoy frozen peanut pink and blue MandMs. As the story goes, this is just about the time the Jesus met with his disciples and told 'em what was going down. They all denied his words and then began to carry out his prophecies just like clockwork. The beauty of the whole thing is that he knew the ending and did it anyway.

By some twist of fate, I've been the one chosen to get the Agee cousins all back on track. I messaged a few of them and let 'em know that the long lost Nancy had gotten in touch. We're all on a mission to help her find pics of her mama. Daddy got obsessed when he was about my age with tracing his roots. There was one grandpa that he never did find. I remember going to family reunions in Tippah county Mississippi when I was a little kid and the pies were always to die for. Screen doors and a big wraparound porch. That is where my maternal grandparents hailed from, and they spent their lives as sharecroppers while raising four children during the depression. My mama's family, on the other hand, was quite well off and even had household help like Miss Rosie who wore a paper bag over her hairdo.

Like I always say bitch to ya'll....remember who you are.


  1. And how goes the book? Did you find what you were looking for?