Thursday, April 7, 2011

no more walks in the wood

At one point in my life, after my childhood friends and I grew apart, I became a single woman for not very long and then became a wife. We partied a lot, and generally took our time thinking about kids because, hey. They do tend to interfere with be more important than anything else when you're trying to raise 'em up right and still have a life and remember who you are. Basically, I turned that over when BG hit about the seventh grade and began to run interference. She would totally kill me for telling the stories so I'll just have to tell you in person. My own mother's comment to BG when she was a teenager was "Call your memaw if you need help climbing out the window!" Payback....meh.

There are so many people with whom I've shared some part of my life and become close to that sometimes it boggles my mind and makes me wonder how in the world I was ever so blessed. Well, we all know it's BE's hand in the whole deal. I shake my head slowly and smile when I think about it. He knew all along and all I had to do was show up. When I heard that Japan got hit with another quake today I pondered on the fact that sometimes it just all seems too much. These poor people are struggling with a total collapse of infrastructure and keeping taking hits. It's gonna take a whole lot more than prayer chains to fix some help from the rest of the world. They've got the money to take care of it so why not help? Instead of throwing more grenades and building robots to clear the way for military vehicles. Co-op can be a wonderful concept when there's no greed involved. I know...I know. Always the dreamer.

Anywho...back to the lost identity theme. When your child makes friends and enters society it's prime time to make friends with THEIR friend's parents because you're all in it together through some capricious leap of fate. That's how I became a member of Vick's family and a lot of others. We raised our children together and did the best we could to make sure they didn't get dead or in jail without bail money. We went to school plays and games where the coaches were, for the most part, all about the glory with our kids on their teams. I can remember one in particular and without revealing an identity let's just say he coached women's v'ball and b'ball. I despised this mofo so bad that my friend BIG john sent me a card with his picture on the front of it, giving me best regards. That's about the time we began to play the fruit cake game, but that's a whole 'nother story. My old butt showed up bright and early at 6AM this morning and I'm about ready to chill.

I know, I'm zigging when it's time to zag. This smartass knows her limits. Ya'll smile and say hay to somebody new. It never hurts to try to do WBEWD. Or Allah. Whomever you believe is the great one spirit that unites us as members of society as long as it doesn't involve killing innocents in a civil war or starving children. When that time comes, I choose to support my own rather than money grubbing sheiks on the other side of the world. What about our stewardship to the heritage of our country and mother earth? Did Al Gore and the green thing suddenly become a fairy tale? I am ashamed to see what is happening in Congress right now as the GOP stupidly refuses to cut defense military spending so that we can improve our own infrastructure. That is precisely why a team of jihad idiots managed to hatch a plot to bomb the shit out of our weak spots, the financial industry. And war.

One of my favorite songs of all time is the title track on The Eagles "Long Road out of Eden". There is one particular guitar solo that sounds like gunfire that just makes me shudder when I hear it played. Very few artists can manage to entertain and make a statement at the same time. Hat tip to you guys. I got it.

It's foot washin' time. Need I say more?

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  1. He usually knows what He's doing even though we can't see it. Hugs and prayers