Thursday, April 28, 2011

the egret has landed

Nothing screams spring backwater more than big white birds gliding over the fields between here and the river. That's the Forked Deer, the one that circles our farm. It is rising slowly, but that's okay. We can deal with slow. It's that come out of nowhere in an hour deal that throws you for a loop. The controlled breech of the Mississippi levee was performed yesterday to relieve some pressure and hopefully control the extent of the flooding to mainly farmland. It will mean a late planting season, but it's better than losing your house. Many of the recipients of FEMA money for their destroyed houses in Southtown last year have failed to repair and or rebuild, so the plans are to tear a lot of them down. As I was going to town the other day I noticed the COJC preacher pulling out of their lot with their two central units on a trailer. They lost it all last year too.

To me, this is the very best part of Holy Week...afterwards when the walks to Emmaus begin among believers. I have tried with every scientific neuron in my brain to "define" the holy spirit in some way that can be explained and measured. That's how we roll in healthcare...outcomes are a big part of doing better i.e. getting referrals that pay. As of this year, healthcare consumers will have access to scores of most of the nation's hospitals on everything from customer service to how nice your doctor is. And the choice will be given back to the consumer, because he or she is not bound by deals for their insurance bartered at the corporate level. Payors will more than likely steer toward the ones that everybody likes, ya know? Heads up ya'll. It's time to get our acts together and take care of folks. Something that I often do is pretend that a patient, particularly an elderly or handicapped one, is one of my parents and treat them as if. Works every time.

The weather is gorgeous today but it's sort of strange after a week in the dreary rain to see such out of control beauty. I have clematis, peonies and iris blooming as well as several bushes that I don't have a CLUE what they are. Somebody's who gave it to somebody who gave it to me. To me, that is the biggest part of having a real home...learning who you are and putting that into your environment. I used to be one of those kind of women who wanted everything to match. Now I blend patterns and love it. As a baby-boomer I am learning that it's tough being in the middle, but I have a feeling it will be even tougher to be out of it when none of them need me. Maybe that's when I'll move to the beach and contemplate world peace.

Have a great ladies' night ya'll.

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  1. It comes as a surprise when we find ourselves; many of us did not realize that we were lost until that timely revelation.
    Peace and blessings to you Janie.