Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the long road home

Well, the tornado didn't get us but UConn won so it was a mixed blessing sort of end to the whole stormy monday thing. I so wanted to see Butler get to go to the prom! UConn wins again...sigh...how boring. Kinda like the lady vols except that it got unboring for them with Notre Dame. I would seriously hate to be any one of those girls in orange who had to take that beating from Pat. I do so love me some basketball. I could care less about most other sports but roundball just seems to take a lot of spontaneous decision making and, of course, I like that. Under pressure, remember?

I spent a couple of hours today moving old records from point A to point B at the sawmill and I was amazed at how much paper weighs when you're hauling it IN BOXES down a hill on a cart. Only one minor injury though, and that corner of the lab looks a whole lot better. Even got a free carb filled breakfast for free! I was also amazed at how much stamina I have now as compared to ten years ago...and not in a good way. My muscles are sore from yard work and other such activity so I hope the BF comes by for my neck massage appointment. Maybe after a few holes of golf?

Baby brother is packing and heading toward home to help bury his mentor in the news business. I didn't realize that D was that much older than me, but then his brother and I graduated together so there 'ya go. There were hastily made plans for household help put into place so that he can make that memorial drive back to where it all started for him. All I want to do is hug his neck and talk. Really. It's been a year and one child's birth ago since I last saw his face. We rarely talk because hey....none of us has time for long chats. It's always rushrushrush....gogogo. What is really prophetic about this, is that yesterday as I was writing about him, those plans were falling into place and I didn't know it. Big Ernie, ya think? BG is having a ball wrapping up little easter candies in tissue paper and tying them with ribbons for the bridge club ladies who are meeting at mom's today. She can't play anymore, yet still joins them for lunch and dessert at someone's house. Best as I can remember there's always somebody who doesn't play that gets called the dummy. That definitely ain't her though ;)

I see doors opening now that I never thought would ever open, simply because I have hunkered down and worked hard and believed that it pays off in the end. To me, personally, that is faith. So what if I'm not rich and pampered? They're miserable too, seeking more and more to feel less and less. My thoughts and feelings are my own, and not filtered to reflect a loyalty to anything other than what I believe is good and right. Some folks would be freakin' amazed to know what some of those things are, or maybe not. I'm positive that nothing in me is politically correct. At least I live in a society where I am allowed to express my opinion and not be in danger for doing so. That's worth a whole helluva lot, ya know? See: Egypt, Tunisa, et al.

The dogs want out and the sun's shining. Check ya'll later ^j^

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