Monday, April 4, 2011

barkin' at thunder

The boys are running around like kids on the last day of school because they hear (and feel) the massive storm system that is moving through. Faith is afraid of it so she's snoozing through the whole thing with BG. My youngest brother is a weather man at heart so I'm sure he'll call me if he sees anything on his home radar in Viginia! We used to have a dog named Hanibal who had seizures and stuff because he got run over as a puppy. I guess he was my first "rescue" after my friend Mary Gwyn offered him to us. Hanibal was an outside dog because we never had any other kind...dogs in the house were a no-no. Every time it thundered he would sneak through the door as someone was coming or going and head to a corner of the laundry room and promptly roll over on his back and stick his paws up in the air. Couldn't pick him up or budge him, until the thunder passed and then it was right back outside with him. Poor baby...traumatized. The first time I saw a seizure happening in my yard I freaked totally out and called Daddy. He assured me it would pass, and it did. Not sure whatever happened to him but he was found in a culvert one day and that was it.

We had a good weekend at the sawmill, all things considered. Yesterday afternoon a couple of the housekeeping staff came in to do their thing and we actually had time for a meaningful conversation rather than dodging each other to get our work done. One of them has been in that department for 24 years and has meticulously planned her "early" retirement next month at the age of 62. I was totally shocked that she was THAT old even because she looks about fortyish. The other guy has been there just as long, but transferred from his old department to one where his personality really shines. I love it when that happens. We go all the way back to when a pair of anesthesiologists lived down the road from me. One of 'em cut the screen off the front porch so he could get his harley up in there to polish it. Yeah...they were an odd couple for sure.

Round one has passed to the north and the next wave is headed across the river. While I have a healthy respect for the power contained in a line of thunderstorms coming across there, it always fascinates me to watch the patterns. I guess my brother instilled thestorm chasing thing in me. We have a full basement which is often scampered into used for safety from possible tornadoes. If you've never seen the destruction in person that one of these storms can cause, you wouldn't understand. It's just unreal. A few years ago during the last "big one" my friend's grandmother got blown into a field almost a mile from her house. So did her uncle. And the house was destroyed. You can still see paths in the tree lines all over the county where they have roared through and ripped out trees.

Gotta get with it on the housework because I am almost there to what I consider cluttered but respectably clean. What better day to finish the job?

Peace and love ^j^

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  1. Mother nature can be a grumpy old witch, for sure.
    I've seen a few twisters when I was a kid in the MidWest. Nasty. Did my time in the crawl space with the radio for company.
    Stay safe kiddo.