Sunday, April 10, 2011

sisterhood of the traveling couch

It's been an interesting weekend in a totally spontaneous kinda way. BG and I went to visit Gigi for her birthday and found her at her niece's yard sale making half price deals with five year olds for glitzy flip flops. She is pretty sad right now for reasons that shan't be discussed due to the sisterhood oath. We sat out there on K's front porch in the spring sun and talked about choices and options and how some things never change. At our age, it's time to find somebody compatible and get over things that don't work. Life is too short to not be treated with respect. I got a ride along the river at sunset to top it off, so I was one happy chicklet.

It's almost 90 degrees here so, of course, I'm sweatin' like a whore in church. We've hauled furniture today, following a pleasant but predictable breakfast at Perkins with the grands. Bound for me, I managed to miss seeing my youngest brother during his whirlwind trip for his buddy's funeral. We were all in the back of the house watching TV and making chicken and dumplings so there ya go. He finally gave up, but we talked as he was driving north the next day. He'll be back, with a wildass three year old boy in tow sometime this summer. BG is ready to play, no doubt.

The couch and love seat started out as one of the older sister's and was passed onto Gigi sometime later. When SHE bought a new one, it went to Lisa. And now they're in my house and *ding dong the witch is dead* the oldest nastiest piece I had is in the firepile. Change is good, umkay? Got a new phone and I am learning what's up with it thanks to my tutor. It doesn't flip, so that's something I've got to get used to. That and not butt dialing. Plus the itty bitty keyboard.

"Ya'll keep 'em straight out there" Hoyt


  1. Lol, sweet post. I've been out of it lately, far far away with only dial-up internet, so I haven't gotten caught up with everyone.
    Good to see you. xoxo

  2. Change IS good. Hugs and prayers