Saturday, April 30, 2011

rest for the weary

I was very kind to my co-worker yesterday and didn't make fun of her laryngitis like everybody else did. It was a standing joke about how quiet it's been up in there this week without her loud voice joining the whine of all the electronics and the obnoxious sound of the alarm when the tube system drops from ER. And for my kindness? I woke up today with her disease, dammit. Still have my voice but I can feel the heavy weight of the cold in my throat and chest just waiting for a chance to go down on my lungs. BG has been sick as well, so I suppose it's my turn. Again. Add to that near total exhaustion from two weeks of flood watching and parent keeping and it's a good thing that I'm off for two days to recover. Not that there's nothing to do around here, but it will wait until I feel better. Today is NOT that day. This will be a day of rest.

Thanks to a nearby credit union, I now have the $$ to get halfway current on the bills. I will never be OUT of debt, so I'll settle for current and a new pair of flip flops for summer. Maybe a haircut. Definitely some grocery shopping. BG interviewed for an actual social work position and will go back for a 2nd interview on Monday. Let us pray and be specific about this one because a year is a long time for anybody to be without a steady job. It tends to work on your mind and soul after awhile. Plus, we need the income. This is a good opportunity for her to get in with a facility that is rebuilding their staff from the ground up. The DON is a good friend of mine from wayyyyyyyy back in the day and she is honestly trying to straighten up a mess the way that I know she can.

Meanwhile, the rivers continue to rise. All the states that converge on the Mississippi in our little central location are fighting over who is gonna breach what levee and flood what farmland. So far Cairo IL has won a major one allowing their "fair" city to survive unscathed while Missouri floods even more. I've never been to Cairo, but I can only imagine that it's a lot like Hickman KY where there is nothing left of the formerly thriving river port but a few barges and a convenience store plus some wicked cool ancient houses.

I am baffled at the attention paid by the world to a wedding of royals in a country where the economy is worse than ours. But then again, the world needs a Cinderella story right about now to balance out the bad news like body counts. As much as I love the beach, you would not catch me anywhere NEAR Mexico right now, much less vacationing there. My current fantasy is about the homey condo where we stayed at Sandestin two years ago and the trolley that takes you wherever you want to go, even to the sand. We learned the hard way not to drag anything with us but a couple of chairs and hang out by the surfside pool with an occasional foray down to the ocean. You can buy drinks and food there so there's no need to lug a cooler. Simple pleasures. Instead, you'll find me shooting pictures of white birds swooping over backwater. And that, my friends, is a simple pleasure too.


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  1. Hugs and prayers. And a specific prayer that BG gets what ya'll need out of this one. Amen.