Saturday, April 2, 2011

bird peep

Right before sunset or early in the morning you can hear the birds clearly and distinctly call out to each other, checking in and out in style of the walton family and heading on their merry way to a good night's rest somewhere up high and a full day of flight training for the little ones. One can only assume that the baby owl we rescued scooped up off the road lives to give delight to people at Reelfoot. If I had money to spend, Lake county would be right where I'd put it. The port will be a huge boon to the local economy, until they start spilling caustic shit up in amongst the cypress knees. One of my childhood friends died after falling out of a boat while duck hunting up there.

Against all odds, Big Ernie saw fit to bless me with another little miracle today. I'll spare you the details, but it just exactly offset the bill for my brake repair so I can pay the rent for April. I was speechless, to say the least. Which is not something I'm learning more and more to be. My voice has been listened to for almost fifty six years, and not much that I ever said has stuck with anybody other than my daughter, and that's not a bad thing. BE put us together for a reason, and so far we've managed to build on the situation and grow that thing.

Tonight is you-know-what night so watch out wildcats. Give 'em hell.


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