Sunday, April 3, 2011

and the plot thickens

Media usage is a serious issue in today's world, and when you consider the mentality of all the people USING said media as a basis for their personal opinion, well. That just pisses me off. Sure, that kind of shit makes money for big companies that are making bucks off of under the table deals with politicians, but damn. Does nobody remember what happened in the temple???? I am not a flaming liberal by any stretch of the imagination. The liberal left can make me just as nauseated as the idiot book burners on occasion. But somehow? I find that moving a little bit left of center presents a kinder gentler vision to a group of hysterical scared to death people. I mean....what do ya'll think? Is it just little old me up in here? Liberals are notorious for funding aid programs that are easily accessed and farmed out to middle men, just like in the GOP. Only they put a kid's face on it instead of a gun. Neither vision is real, in my eyes. There is the "thus and so" that my daddy taught me some time ago which is purely biblical and that helps to know that we've always been fighting. It's what people do right? He also taught me to pick my battles wisely.

I don't know. Maybe it was the one LSD experience I had as a teenager while I was lifeguarding kids at the moose lodge pool. Yeah...stupid, I know. But that water was freakin' beautiful!!!
I had taken my fill of picking up paper after snotty kids whose mother's let us be the babysitters while they tanned. I worked there four summers, each one with a different crew flipping burgers and taking turns in the sun. We occasionally snuck into the lodge to see what was there better than burgers and to raid the bar use the restrooms. Good times...stupid teenagers! They are all still dear to my heart.

I read an interesting piece today written by a man who has been blogging and everything elseing for a long time. His post offered up some dos and don'ts of network etiquette, with particular attention to facebook use. I enjoy it, yes. And I check daily and post anything that's really cool about my day. But not what I'm wearing or that kinda stuff. His point is every internet user's life there comes the day when you have done the unthinkable either in a drunken stupor or out of simple anger and stupidity. Been there done that and fired off a thousand lousy emails to leave an electronic trail. But I learned better. Having the power to hurt someone or otherwise negatively impact their emotions by writing typing like a madman is something that many folks never recognize. It can hurt. Bad. I choose now to tell stories with a more positive slant, just because it makes ME feel better. The past few years of my life have been a constant struggle to keep things in the middle of the road as a single woman. It's time to turn the page.

If ya'll never hear from me again it's because there's this big honking cold front blowing in and there might be a twister or two. Not supposed to get here until early morning so don't wake me up if I'm dead. Umkay? It's my day off and I intend to sleep in with my doggies. It's what we do when I don't have to go to the sawmill. Leave a message at the beep.


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  1. Very interesting post. Every time I thought it was going one way you zigged. Even at my angriest I tried not to name names. Oh I posted some things that the second ex has thrown in my face like sweet talking my south African friend. But all in all I think it makes us take responsibility for our actions.
    Hugs and prayers