Friday, April 22, 2011

good friday

At right about the time that the disciples got their feet washed during the last supper, I got a call from my parents that the lights were back on and they were ready to go, four hours after checking into a hotel with everything personal item they own. I wouldn't have told them and let the night turn into a snoozefest there but J Frank called Daddy with the news so we all know what happened. I drove in my jammies to the back of a motel that faces a Kentucky fried chicken place and scooped up my elderly parents so that they could return to the wonderland grind that is their life together where I came home as a one year old and grew up. That's a whole lotta years of a family in one house, especially in this day and time.

The saga continued into today when they realized he'd lost his keys in the shuffle and left his phone charger behind. It's hard to remember everything when you're that (un) prepared ;) He sleeps in short pjs and walks around from shower 'til bedtime with his cowboy boots on. The first time I saw that figure open the door I almost fell out laughing. It's a seriously cute look for an old farmer who's all into being comfy. There are turf issues with the farm that are to be expected when one generation passes the reins to another. Daddy has always been the kind to work like a dog and not expect any more or praise for it...just keep your head down and keep going. The past few years, that particular characteristic has become very valuable as a keep-thy-sanity tool. To quote BG's entire generation: "Really??"

The (not so) trusty old Camry declined to start this afternoon so my friend helped me out by diagnosing and bypassing so I could get home. And go by a new some kinda' air sensor. It's been that sort of week for me, learning in fits and starts that nothing will ever be "normal" again. I remember the feeling well when my child began to walk. I said to myself, "self" this is gonna be tough. Nothing was ever "normal" after that but I wouldn't trade a minute of it. I am terribly proud of who she is as a person and I feel a bit pissed that she put in the hard work to earn a degree and can't find a job in her field. I mean, it's not rocket science. But it IS very much controlled by insurance companies and government payment. Which means that nurses are doubling up as social workers because they get paid more. That's an observation from the front lines, so to speak. In hospitals and home care agencies, the case is the same. Extend that out into for-profit long term care facilities and then you see that having someone with a specialized degree doesn't fit into the budget. That's a shame too. If there's one person in the healthcare team that can put all the pieces together, it's the point gal or guy. The go-to team member who can tie it all together and give it a shot at working. It beats the heck out of bitching your life away Sorry...I know it's a holy day.

When BG was little she had white blonde hair and a killer attitude in a cute dress with an easter basket on her arm. There was always some chocolate just like when I was growing up, and a little surprise or two. I bet she's still got 'em too. AND my asparagus steamer *ahem*. Love ya....mean it.I'm glad, in a way, that I'm working this weekend. I don't normally attend church services anyway and maybe being focused on work will remind me of how all the freaked out believers and the faithfuls waited for their answer. What happened and why? He really did all that for US???? As George would say "Oh, boy!"

If I pick up the Easter bunny on my lane I'll let ya'll know how that goes ^j^


  1. Happy Easter to you and yours Janie. May the Lord smile upon you and hold you in His hands.

  2. Sending hugs and prayers. You are in my thoughts and hopes that this too shall pass. Books haven't arrived yet, but will forward as soon as they arrive.