Friday, April 15, 2011

att loves me, yes they do!

Why? the ripe old age of 55...I have become addicted to having internet access to carry out my daily duties like bill paying and writing my little heart out. Our service went out last weekend, and the repair guy said we were hit by lightning and had to run a new line (which is still draped over the muddy driveway). Sometime during that period, BG made a phone call and a payment to what we THOUGHT was the dsl service but was, instead, my cellphone. We got reconfigured and all that jazz after the repair guy came, thanks to a delightful tech support person who chuckled with me through the whole thing. I think he was happy to have someone who knew halfway what he was talking about, ya know. Most of the time it's some kid or somebody's grandma who can't see the screen. The next day, it went away again.

We tried calling after getting a message that the ginormous company needed to speak with us about an "urgent matter." Okay...we paid the bill. What's up? That led to several lengthy trips around the voice mail track until I got stuck with "the bitch". Since I didn't have the paper bill (threw it away after it was paid) and didn't know the secret code and there is NO ss number associated with my LONGTIME account, nobody would tell me a thing. I mean not one damn thing, like "hey lady, your payment went to the freakin' cellphone bill!" First time I've been totally current on that one in a loooooong time. So, I go to work and check the balance online and lo and behold, the internet bill was unpaid. I hate it when that happens. Thank goodness it's payday is all I can say. I've been having keyboard withdrawals and my great American novel is suffering ;) Not really. Actually I just need to leave behind my FB fascination and write the damn book. Told ya'll I'm a procrastinator.

It's the weekend, and I couldn't be TGIFer. Very long week in a lot of ways.



  1. I soooo hear you on all of the above. I mean ALL of it. LOL.....
    By the way, I've got a challenge coming up for all of the writers I know and have met online. I'm going to send it out on Sunday via FB.
    Hugs and prayers