Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I feel worse today than yesterday. This is one evil hanger on of a cold.  The cough is better but it feels like my head is in bubble wrap if that makes sense.  No?  Well....you get the picture.  It's an other world type of experience akin to watching life your life on TV like poor Truman did.  I love that movie.

I managed a dolla' mcmuffin and sprite for breakfast and headed down to The Mill to find Lorna peacefully sorting pictures of her life.  She is softer and gentler now in a way that only grief can give as a gift.  When you lose a child, it is devastating.  

So today's big news is that I received an email from a friend coming from a guy whose grandfather lived on this farm around 1920 which is when the barn and silos were being built.  Since we are steady mining the history of the place this was like a golden nugget dropping from heaven.  More things to write about!  Yay!

If I die from the epizootie i have no life insurance so y'all help all involved get me cremated and honored accordingly.   Start a go fund me page or something.  LOL.  I'm just kidding.  I won't die from it because I'm a tough bitch like that.  Anybody who has raised kids while working a full time job knows you just keep on pushing the envelope.  

Okay kids, got to get caught up on the Omarosa drama.  Play nice and remember who you are ^j^

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