Saturday, January 13, 2018

rockabye sweet baby reaves

She has my heart, you know, and that of everybody else who knows her.  Her little attitude is fierce and sweet all rolled into one.  She's a little person now who loves her feet and her mama.  She fights sleep even whe she's tired and Lauren's magic trick is to rock that baby in her arms and smack her butt.  She finds comfort in that and drifts right off.  Also once she hits the road in the car seat, she's out.  

The snow is still hanging around and won't likely go anywhere soon because it's butt cold again.  I managed to make it to the gas station praying the entire way not to fall or end up in the ditch.  Even the highway is still covered in ice.  It took a good 30 minutes to de-ice the Camry which I accomplished with heat, cold water and an umbrella for scraping.  Right handed, mind you.  The gentral STILL has no de-icer.  

I know I promised not to whine but I really thought I'd be farther along with this shoulder thing.  Without a small dose of pain med and a huge dose of NSAIDs I'm unable to move that side much at all.  If this is as good as it gets, I'm screwed.  Eventually that naproxen will eat my stomach out!!

And so it goes, as Old Hoss would say.  Damn I miss that old fart.   He was my buddy for a loooong time and I actually got to meet him one time when he was on "tour" to hook up with a few of his favorites following a blogger convention in Vegas.  The last time we talked, I couldn't understand him but told him I loved him anyways.  

Trump has now officially pissed off everybody and their brother, even the ones who voted for him.  What.An.Idiot.  The shithole country speech put another nail in his coffin.  Even the UMC has condemned his remarks along with many other organizations.  Get a grip dude.  It's not all about you.  There's an entire world out there watching you act a fool and you just don't get it.

As for other contenders, I wouldn't vote for Oprah either.  Entertainers have no place in politics just because they're famous.  That's how we ended up with you know who.  I love Oprah and all that she stands for but........

Be careful on that ice ^j^

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