Monday, March 6, 2017

urgent care

My *friend texted me at just the right time that I got up and made it to the FNP at opening.  She looked in my ears and at my lesions and told me I have staph....again.  I won't even tell you where because it's gross.  Plus it hurts.  She sent my scripts in and bitched me out for trying to self treat.  Plus she told me I had put myself into a thyroid storm.  She honestly told me that lab people are the worst about all that.  

Larry and I have been friends forever and I've never toured his home so there I went after the doctor visit to pick up a very nice water hose and some dirt filled pots.  He has several pieces from Casa Grands estate sale in his place.  Ladybug greeted me when I got out of the car and went in for her morning cheese and crackers.  Then she plopped down on her bed next to the front door.  Next stop was the 'gentral for pimento cheese and turkey plus some OTC meds to clear up all this infection.  I'll visit C and C tomorrow for refills.  

Thank god I didn't hit any animals today.  All I saw was squirrels and they were too quick for the Camry.  In case you wonder what the fuck is up with our country, just breathe.  We're one nuke away from dust.  The entire world thinks we're nuts because of you know who.  That's why I figure we might as well enjoy the ride.

Peace ~

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