Friday, March 3, 2017

on fire for nature

I am having soooooooo much fun with this cool weather gardening thing.  There was a light frost last night but nothing severe enough to hurt what I have out.  As promised, I stopped by for tomato plants this afternoon and have them potted and sitting in the kitchen already fed.  They will be the cute little cherry kind.  It should be interesting frying up those tiny green ones.  Daddy's rule of thumb was not to pick a green one until you have a ripe one though I don't often eomply.

Somehow during the storm the other morning I lost my badge for work which  makes me like umm....not able to get in the door or clock in.  I was required to pay fifteen bucks to get another one and then figure out how to activate it myself with a little help from friends.  We're all just barcodes in this big old world.

Tree cutting and line repair continue daily.  The storm did quite a bit of damage and I must say that Dyersburg Electric was on it like donkey kong.  So was the EOC and all other emergency response personnel.  A situation like that is what tests the infrastructure of a town.  

I called my FNP for a refill on happy pills and was told I had to "be seen" meaning an office visit.  Just for shits and giggles I walked in on my lunch break, saw a waiting room full and dropped the door without setting foot inside.  I'll try again when there are fewer cars in the lot.  It's a conumdrum, so to speak.  The setting is an urgent care clinic yet the FNP is my primary care provider since Dr. Algee retired.  I'm not on much, but I need what I do take.  A kind person helped me with a work around on pills until I have a day off to sit and wait my turn.

As predicted, Trump's kingdom is already beginning to unravel.  If the Republicans who are speaking their minds now had done so earlier in the game we wouldn't be where we are.  It's a learning curve for all of us, I suppose.  

Today's totem is groundhog which I first thought was a squirrel and he was a really fat and slow one.  When he jumped in the ditch I figured it out.

Gotta go water that straw~ 

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