Sunday, March 19, 2017

memory lane

Mamye is carless at the moment so I went out to Holly Springs cemetery to take her for a beer run.  We all used to party there back in the day.  As I was coming back through Fowlkes I remembered campaigning on that strip in the August heat for my brother who was in the sheriff's race.  Dude almost won too, which was remarkable for somebody his age against an incumbent good old boy.  In a small town, name can make a difference at the polling place.  39 votes short of victory.  He would have totally hated the job.  Little miracles.

I slept so long and so hard that when I went to get out of bed every single joint was aching, even my fingers.  I have accomplished next to nothing other than resting and piddling and that's what I need more than gold.  But, I'd take a little gold if it came my way!

Daddy's peony is doing GREAT and I'm excited to see those crimson blooms in my yard.  The little garden took a hit with the cold but part of it should make it.  That big mudhole of a torn up asparagus bed is trying to come to life.  There's a shitload of crowns laying on top if anybody's interested.  

Be kind and love one another ~

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