Saturday, March 11, 2017

a new attitude

Now y'all know I'm not real girly or anything but sometimes one is forced to sit through  a couple of hours with color on your head while gossping with the stylists and watching the snow fall.  That's's already been snowing.  I'm glad I didn't wait until today to cover the garden.  It was a sight to behold, I'm sure, me out there wrestling with painter's plastic and bricks in a heavy wind.  I fell once but nothing major.  

In my search for a reliable vehicle I called an old friend at a local dealership and we established pretty quickly that his folks wouldn't deal with me because of the BK.  With that out of the way, we chatted for a bit about what's up in our lives.  He has a two year old grandson who lives in AL that he rarely gets to see.  Thank goodness for the amazing technology that is face time.  Otherwise, we'd never know how quickly they grow.  Families are very far flung these days.

More snow is on the way and even though I paid both DSL and cell bills my internet connection drops out often due to the "end of the internet" situation I'm in.  Almost out of reach from the local hub.  It doesn't seem that far to me, maybe 3 miles?  There is no Uverse available and we all know that DirecTV is now a proud part of the ATT family.  They can wait their turn to get paid because I don't watch it.  Period.  If it's not on Netflix or You Tube, I miss it.  

When DirecTV was still a hot item independently, I got an install for a Christmas present.  There was no contract at the time *gasp* and when I requested an upgrade some time later I signed a receipt from a service guy which put me INTO a contract only I didn't know it.  When I switched providers these asshats ran my debit card for 500 bucks in early termination fees.  No warning, money gone.  It took me and the bank three months to get it back.  That kind of business practice is why they are now a little fish in a big pond swimming with ATT.

I must say that I can't complain about my cell service at all.  When the computer line is down the phone is what allows me to be in touch with the outside world.   I have no phone contract so I can change at any time.  Here's a UCMTSU story from today.  This gal came in looking all flustered and nervous asking the owner about having a redo on a cut she got 6 weeks ago.  Just a little bit different because this cut ain't the one I wanted. So I now have multi-colored hair and won a bet with Watson on the snow thing.  He's paying up soon with some peach pecan Old Camp.

Time to fire up the sage ~

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