Wednesday, March 15, 2017

the greenhouse

Actually that effect is what's going on under the plastic on my straw beds which, after tonight, will be opened wide up again to receive sun.  I peeped under the cover and found all to be well and even kind of healthy looking.  Don't want them to fry when it warms up.  There are actually some fat spears coming up in the original bed...the kind that don't taste too good.  It will be interesting to see how that one comes back.  

We're on a learning curve at work and trying to replicate what Scotty did without his presence OR another person to take up the slack while we learn.  This is where teamwork comes in quite handy.  There is one particular thing we've been wrestling with for three days and we got it resolved today thank you sweet baby jeebus.  I screamed for joy when it finally worked after multiple attempts to be quick and smooth.  

We got to meet Shon's little family today and they are cute as can be.  One grandbaby is two and full of himself and the other is a precious 3 month old.  We're about to have more grandkids up in there than you can shake a stick at.  BG has decided that if she has a girl that Elizabeth might be in the name since it's in both of ours.  If a boy?  James for her late father.  Next appointment is in a week or so and there should be a heartbeat this time.  

I'm such a slob/lazy ass that I paid a hundred bucks to get my hair done and STILL keep it up in a clip.  That's okay...I know how purdy that color is under said stack of hair.  I'm moving along on my 3rd or 4th Weeds marathon and have arrived at the airport with the Newmans where Esteban kidnaps the baby and Nancy takes the rap for Shane.  What a good mother ;)

There is no other news in my world except that I'm beyond thrilled to see the gray go away.  Today is cool but sunny and gorgeous.  The moon was up and waning this morning as I headed to work.  There was another raccoon, or maybe that was yesterday.  Never a dull moment on the lane.

I visited an old friend yesterday who is quite ill and was taken aback at how it affected me.  More tears, but current grief not past which is a step forward.  No matter how hard you try to avoid the painful feelings if they're not expressed they just go sideways on ya.  

Be true to yourself ~

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  1. Our youngest grand is named Lauren Elizabeth. We call her that if we really need her attention. She calls herself Princess Elizabeth.