Wednesday, March 22, 2017

this one's for you

When I first met Pat and Tony she was the manager of a brand new deli and bar called "The Deli."  In my early twenties it was the place to hang out and drink beer, eat subs and shoot pool.  My future husband worked there as well.  It was owned by a long gone guy named Doober.  Eventually it was turned into a catfish restaurant and burned down which I'm sure was a big blaze because it was made out of logs.  Pat and I have crossed paths many times over the years, always with a hug and good memories.  Lately she's been pretty sick and I ran into her today.  I knew she had been reading the blog but didn't realize how much she LOVED it until we talked this afternoon.  That makes it all worth while to know that somebody is following the story.  

We got treated to pharma rep lunch today from a very nice Italian place and it's a good thing because nobody had much time to do anything but work like a demon.  After that I sat in my car for a few minutes and returned three hours later to find a dead battery because I left the key in the ignition with the lights on.  Duh.  A kind young man named Kurt boosted me off with his bright red Camry and there I let it run until it was time to make another delivery.  

While we were there Trish was notified of the death of her uncle which shook the whole family.  He was only 59 and already had an appointment on the books for cardiac intervention.  Death came calling first.  God speed to that family and all the others who are dealing with loss and grief like Dave's.  

I still don't recognize my brother's new truck and I passed him and saw Sally in the back so I walked up to chat for a minute about farm history.  A very BRIEF minute, by the way.  Not much on words, he always told Mama "a yes or no answer will do."  Gotta love him.  He had his sidekick with him as usual.  

In spite of today's drama ( and there was plenty ) it was a good one to be alive.  The sun was shining and a chilly breeze blew every time I was in and out.  I met the grandchild of a co-worker, a beautiful five year old named Emma and we immediately hit it off.  I watched in wonder as this child found joy in twirling around and around with a frog umbrella.  To be young again!

Namaste to you and your tribe ~

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