Sunday, March 12, 2017

out and about

It felt good to sleep in today following yesterday's snow.  It was still hanging around but melting by the time I headed to the gentral.  I stopped and shot a few pictures, trying desperately to hang onto what is not mine by ownership but by memory.  My parents used to laugh at me and call me Dick Flowers when I wandered off into the woods with a camera.  That was two not so badass Kodaks and a killer Leica.  I stage shots in my mind like the ripples of snow on a tin barn roof that are right outside the window.  

I skipped Kroger and got some staples at Four Points then scurried on home to visit the cabin.  There was a particular shot I wanted of the daffodils in snow under the pines but they were dead as a doornail.  I took the time to look around as I drove home noticing that Thelma is at Mozella's and there are turkey buzzards on the silos.  Snow was clinging to the giant pecan trees and I was kind of mindful of how they drop all of a sudden.  

Believe it or not the Memphis news stations came to Dyersburg for 2 inches of snow.  WTF?  I don't rely on network news anymore.  Too many ads.  Plus I don't watch TV.  It's mostly gone now but is pretty to look at.  I can still hear the peepers which is kind of strange, all things considered.  

It's time to wash dishes.  Thank the lort for plastic cups from the gentral'.  Just saying.

Whatever ~

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