Friday, March 10, 2017

sail away

In many ways I can't remember Scotty NOT being my co-worker even though he was there only 12 of my 40.  We are like minded individuals who think freely for ourselves and call bullshit when we see it.  He has added balance to an entire workforce of estrogen filled women.  He is a carpenter who likes metal music and I don't.  When we first met we both smoked on the back steps because it was allowed.  We would chill and talk about life and he was the first one who actually told me that I had a gift for writing at whatever blog I was on at the time.  Oh yeah...Poop Happens.  That one lasted a looooong time until I decided it was time for something different.  I ranted a lot back then.

We've both been through some crap together both personally and professionally.  My mom died in January of last year and his passed while I was in Florida in May.  I think for he and Janet, that was the tipping point along with getting their kids up and on their own.  He's always wanted to live near the ocean and I totally get that.  If I had my way, I'd be on a beach somewhere too.  Life is short.

Temps are dropping and I'm getting things ready for the freeze as best I can.  Tomorrow night will be the worst for tender things.  I wasted the six bucks for tomato plants because there's not enough light in the house to keep them alive so I'll have to repurchase when the time is right.  The asparagus transplant bed is coming to life slowly but no action on the original.  The season really doesn't start until April anyway.  

I'm treating myself to a haircut and color tomorrow because my mental health requires a boost like, bad.  Nothing does it like a new do.  Since it's winter again that will be my outing for the day and maybe a few groceries.  Then it's house cleaning time and more Netflix.  

I know...I live a super exciting life.  ^j^


  1. My mood lifter is one of two things. Clean the house. Or go dancing